Kids rooms can tend to be the rooms we disregard the most. Have guests coming over? Just shut the door! No one needs to see that room anyway. However, their rooms tend to be the rooms we need to focus on the most since they can be the messiest! Spring cleaning kids rooms is an important step in having a whole house that’s clean.

Kids out grow clothes so quickly. Go through and donate things that don’t fit anymore, and pack up things like winter coats and shoes. Throw out anything that is really worn or stained. If your kids are getting to the age that they want to choose their outfits themselves, take this time to organize things to make it easier on them. Use an organizer like this one and let them choose their outfits for the whole week at once.

First, make your 3 “zones”. Keep, Toss, and Donate. Start with the larger pieces to get them out of the way. If your kids haven’t played with it in the past 3 months, donate it. Anything that is broken, old, or beyond saving, toss it. Now is also a great time to CLEAN your kids toys. If you have a lot of little things (The dreaded plastic kitchen food and utensils) dump them into the bathtub or sink and wash them that way. If you can, wash their stuffed animals. Soft surfaces can hold dirt and dust that can make allergies worse. Next, organize what’s left. Use cube storage that looks nice if you’re storing them in a common area.

Toy Rotation
Now that everything is sorted and cleaned, it still seems like there’s a lot of toys. Have you tried doing a toy rotation? I have some friends that do this with their kids and they said it WORKS. Take 1/3 of the toys and put them in a bin and store them in the attic or garage. In a month or so, take them down and switch them out for a different 1/3 of the toys. The kids get excited about the “new” toys, and you also clear up some space. Its a win-win.

School work
Dedicate an area to hold their backpacks, paperwork, newsletters, etc. A lot of times important papers get shoved to the bottom of the backpack and then its 3 weeks later and you cant find their permission slip for their fieldtrip. Create a “Drop Zone” where the kids cant put their shoes, bags, jackets, etc. when they come home. You can place bins like these on the wall above hooks, and let them put anything important in there.