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For some people, spring means warm weather, Easter, and the tease of knowing summer is right around the corner. For homeowners however, spring means SPRING CLEANING!! No matter how clean your house stays, you will always have those few things that will always be on the “When I can get to it” list. Spring time also brings certain seasonal checks, fixes, and updates to your house. Over the next few weeks we will cover certain areas of your house, and break them down into ways you can clean, declutter, and update!

Part 1 – The Exterior of your House

Garage:Garage Storage on the top and gutters being cleaned
Spray for Bugs – Spring time equals warm weather, which equals bugs
Toss or Donate old toys – If your kids have out grown them, or didn’t play with them last year, its time for them to go
Do you have an extra fridge/freezer in the garage? Clean it out and toss any old or freezer-burnt food.
Buy storage totes to store decorations, camping gear, sports equipment, etc in. They look nicer than carboard boxes and last longer! Check out these on Amazon HERE.

Clear out leaves and other debris before those spring showers come along
Tighten any loose downspouts and make sure they are pointing away from the house

Wash them with a water/bleach solution inside and out
Make sure the screens are not torn or bent

Sidewalks & Driveway:Rake against a bush and a paintbrush on a stained deck
Pressure wash your steps, sidewalk, and driveway. Get a brush attachment to make it easier and faster. I personally have this one and it is GREAT. We’ve used it on our driveway and back deck.
Look for any major cracking and call a professional if needed

Patio Furniture:
Give them a facelift with a good scrubbing, or if possible, a fresh coat of paint
Place bright pillows and fresh cushions to make them feel new again
Also take a look at the patio itself; pressure wash it if its concrete or stone, or give it a fresh coat of paint if its a wood deck


Check all your outdoor light bulbs; porch light, landscaping spotlights, decking lights, etc.

Remove any dead bushes, flowers, or trees
Add fresh mulch to flowerbeds
If you have flower pots, fill them with fresh, bright flowers