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Buying a home can be one of the most exciting times in one’s life. However, it can also be a very trying and even extremely stressful time as well. 

The Right Agent

The key to making the experience peaceful and stress-free is having a phenomenal Buyer’s Agent and team carrying you through the journey. Finding the “right” agent means you gain leverage and expertise on your decision making process when choosing lenders, closing attorneys, home inspectors, and other vendors. You will sail to the closing table with ease, knowing you have someone to guide you and ensure that detailed communication and education is provided with each step of the transaction. Additionally, your Buyer’s Agent has YOUR best interest at ALL times! At Impact Realty, our sole purpose is for you to have such a phenomenal experience that we leave a lasting impression and IMPACT you for life!  

The home buying process

Think of your Impact Buyer’s Agent as your tour guide! Here are a few things on the itinerary that will happen along the way:

Deciding on a Budget and Getting Pre-APPROVED: Making sure your dreams suit your means. It is imperative to speak with a GOOD lender FIRST to establish a price range that matches your monthly payment comfort zone. Other factors that must be considered in all of this is: debt-to income ratios, credit scores, property taxes, insurance, knowing the difference and fully understating closing cost and down payments. Your Impact Buyer’s Agent can provide you with several local professionals. SHOP AROUND….this is IMPORTANT!! Your lender will go over types of loans with you and payment terms. A good lender provides outstanding constant communication and tools and resources to FULLY understand the process. They will get you Pre-Approved NOT just Pre-Qualified…there is a BIG difference.

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Let the Search Begin

Time to find your dream home!! After speaking with your chosen Impact Buyer’s Agent, they will meet with Impact’s Home Search Analyst to begin researching homes that fit your specific needs, search criteria, and price range. We invite you to use our search tools online as well. Additionally, your team will set you up on searches that will automatically email you homes that fit your needs, as they hit the market, so you are always on top of the game!! (It is super important to know that other online search sites are NOT up to date and can even be off by MONTHS!) Once you see something you like, let your Impact Buyer’s Agent know and the showings begin!

Offer Time

Making an offer is not for the faint of heart. There is MUCH that goes into this step. Your Rockstar Impact Buyer’s Agent will run numbers for you and will work hard to negotiate a fair price and to get you additional concessions and closing costs added. He or She will work with your lender to write up the offer correctly and get the most for your money!  Your Impact Buyer’s Agent will protect and guide you from issues that might arise. DON’T FLY BLIND HERE!

You are Under Contract

What’s next?? SO MUCH! Earnest Money, and Inspections, and appraisals, and timelines and deadlines. We won’t go into all of those details here….allow your Impact Buyer’s Agent to sit down with you to get you fully immersed in the process and knowledgeable on all fronts!

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