Whether its moving for a new job, change of scenery, or wanting to sell because the market is so hot, there are a few things that you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers.

1. Clear out as much furniture as possible
You want potential buyers to be able to envision the space as theirs. Having big pieces or lots of furniture can make a room seem cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Which goes into the next point….

2. Clear off all the horizontal surfaces such as fireplace mantels, and kitchen and bathroom counters
Same as with lots of furniture, you don’t want the space to seem cluttered. Lots of magazines, movies, pictures, and artwork on the walls distracts from what buyers are trying to see. You’re trying to sell your house, not your stuff.

3. Make sure your home smells good
Pet smells, stale cooking odors, or cigarette smoke are huge turn offs and can make your home seem dirty even if its empty. It might be as simple as cleaning the oven, or as big as having to replace carpet.

Make sure the inside and outside of the home sparkles! Get carpets and hardwood floors professionally cleaned
and waxed. Pressure wash sidewalks, siding, and the driveway.

5. Repaint to neutral colors if needed
Even though color is exciting, when designing personal spaces, sticking with a neutral color palette gets the sale. Neutrals help potential buyers visualize better, and light colors reflect light and make a room seem bigger.

6. Empty closets
If you cant completely empty out a closet, clear out at least half. You want buyers to see how big that walk in closet really is.

7. Make sure everything WORKS
Something as simple as a blown lightbulb can have a negative mark on a home inspection. Now is a good time to go around and fix leaky faucets, squeaking doors, loose cabinet doors, etc.

8. Curb appeal is everything!
The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see. Trim bushes, mow the yard, put down fresh mulch, and place bright flowers in pots. If your landscaping needs a lot of work, consider hiring a company to help.

This is just a few things you can do to help get your home in top selling condition! If you would like a more detailed list, click the link below to download our complete list “Home Showing Checklist”!

CLICK HERE to download our Home Showing Checklist!