What is an iBuyer?

What is an iBuyer?

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In a world where instant gratification is very valuable, it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to bring that into the real estate industry. The concept of an iBuyer is probably something you’ve heard of, but perhaps haven’t heard the term iBuyer. Companies like Opendoor, Zillow, and iBuyer.com are impacting the industry in a big way, so I thought it was time to talk about them. The good, the bad, and the reality.

First, what exactly is an iBuyer? An iBuyer, or instant buyer, is a company that will buy your house, site unseen, based off of information you give them and a computer algorithm that determines the value of your home. It’s far more complicated than that behind the scenes, but they don’t really want you to know the interior ins and outs. They just want you to see instant and jump right in.

Since the start of these types of companies, variations have arisen, but we won’t go into all of that at this moment. Let’s just focus on this concept of instant buyers. One of the biggest things to remember about iBuying is that they are not interested in buying homes, they are interested in selling homes and convenience comes at a cost. Let’s examine the pros and cons of iBuyers.


  • Convenient – A lot of people dread the idea of selling their home. For me, as an agent, I don’t see it as a daunting task, but for many it is. An iBuyer is appealing because it takes all of the tasks of selling your home out of the equation and simply buys the house. tThere is no staging, no showings, etc. Just answer some questions online and get an offer.
  • Quick – The current market aside, sometimes selling your home can take some time. And sometimes the sellers don’t have time on their side, so the option of selling your home within weeks or even days is a very appealing one.
  • Certain – With traditional home selling there exists the possibility of the sale falling through during the time when the home is under contract. With an iBuyer the likelihood your sale will fall through is very low. It’s basically a guaranteed deal.

It may sound appealing, but now let’s take a look at the Cons.


  • Profit Loss – With an iBuyer’s offer you are selling your home at a discount. An iBuyer is in the business of making money and to do that they need to buy homes cheap and charge a fee. Studies have shown that when selling to an iBuyer you are likely paying 13%-15% MORE in fees than you would to an agent in a traditional sale scenario. So not only are you receiving a discounted sale price, but you’re paying higher fees as well.
  • Deductions – After an inspection of the home, the iBuyer may identify needed repairs and may deduct those from the already discounted amount they are offering.
  • Zero Negotiations – With a traditional home sale, the buyer and seller have the opportunity to negotiate with one another to make a fair deal, but with an iBuyer there is no negotiation. They make the offer and you either accept it or don’t. That’s it.

I can’t say whether iBuying is good or bad, but I do believe it’s here to stay. Sometimes in life convenience and speed is more important than profitability and the ability to negotiate. You never know until you’re in that position.

Is using an iBuyer right for you? Weigh the options. When deciding ask yourself, “Is speed and convenience more important that financials with the sale of my home?” Your situation is your own and no one can decide but you. One thing I will strongly suggest is be informed. Do your research and make educated decisions in all things. Good luck out there!


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Spring Cleaning – Part 3- Kids Rooms

Spring Cleaning – Part 3- Kids Rooms

Kids rooms can tend to be the rooms we disregard the most. Have guests coming over? Just shut the door! No one needs to see that room anyway. However, their rooms tend to be the rooms we need to focus on the most since they can be the messiest! Spring cleaning kids rooms is an important step in having a whole house that’s clean.

Kids out grow clothes so quickly. Go through and donate things that don’t fit anymore, and pack up things like winter coats and shoes. Throw out anything that is really worn or stained. If your kids are getting to the age that they want to choose their outfits themselves, take this time to organize things to make it easier on them. Use an organizer like this one and let them choose their outfits for the whole week at once.

First, make your 3 “zones”. Keep, Toss, and Donate. Start with the larger pieces to get them out of the way. If your kids haven’t played with it in the past 3 months, donate it. Anything that is broken, old, or beyond saving, toss it. Now is also a great time to CLEAN your kids toys. If you have a lot of little things (The dreaded plastic kitchen food and utensils) dump them into the bathtub or sink and wash them that way. If you can, wash their stuffed animals. Soft surfaces can hold dirt and dust that can make allergies worse. Next, organize what’s left. Use cube storage that looks nice if you’re storing them in a common area.

Toy Rotation
Now that everything is sorted and cleaned, it still seems like there’s a lot of toys. Have you tried doing a toy rotation? I have some friends that do this with their kids and they said it WORKS. Take 1/3 of the toys and put them in a bin and store them in the attic or garage. In a month or so, take them down and switch them out for a different 1/3 of the toys. The kids get excited about the “new” toys, and you also clear up some space. Its a win-win.

School work
Dedicate an area to hold their backpacks, paperwork, newsletters, etc. A lot of times important papers get shoved to the bottom of the backpack and then its 3 weeks later and you cant find their permission slip for their fieldtrip. Create a “Drop Zone” where the kids cant put their shoes, bags, jackets, etc. when they come home. You can place bins like these on the wall above hooks, and let them put anything important in there.


Spring Cleaning – Part 2 – Kitchen

Spring Cleaning – Part 2 – Kitchen

* This post contains links to products on Amazon. Impact Realty is no way affiliated with Amazon, and does not receive compensation from the products mentioned. They are mentioned at the opinion of the author*

If you read last weeks Spring Cleaning blog about getting the outside of your home spring ready, welcome back! If you didn’t, I wont hold it against you but you should really check it out. Part 2 and beyond is going to focus on getting the inside clean and organized, starting with the KITCHEN.

On average we spend 12% of our lives in the kitchen. When broken down, that’s around 2.8 hours a day. I know some of ya’ll are thinking between cooking for a family with kids, prepping meals, cleaning, and then starting that cycle over again, it feels a lot longer! Keep reading for ways to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and organized to help with the hustle and bustle.

The Pre-Clean
First, take a look around and try to declutter as much as possible. Find a place to put lunchboxes, backpacks, sort through the 4 days worth of mail on the counter. Go as far as opening the cabinets and drawers and clearing them out. Toss broken utensils, plastic cups you’ve been accumulating, the wad of grocery store bags that is now overflowing, etc.

The Pantry
Take all the food out of the pantry and spread it out either on the countertop or table. Toss items that are stale, expired, empty, or inedible. Wipe down all the shelves with a multi-purpose cleaner. Arrange your food like you would see in a grocery store, placing like items together. I use these bins to hold granola bars, spice packets, and other little things. The boxes takes up a lot of space and I like being able to see when I’m getting low. Label containers that hold things such as flour, sugar, cornmeal, etc.

Storage containers and kitchen drawer organization

Other Cabinets
Remove seasonal items that only get used once or twice a year. Donate items you hardly use anymore and toss old items such as plastic, stained Tupperware. Wipe down shelves with a multi-purpose cleaner and place your items back in the cabinets. Now focus on the cabinets themselves. Wipe down the inside and outside of the doors and if your cabinets don’t go all the way to the top, don’t forget to dust up there.

Take everything out and clean the inside with a multi-purpose cleaner. Place liner paper in the bottom if you would like. Toss old utensils that are broken, and donate any duplicates you have. Use organizers, such as these, to keep everything tidy. I have a system for where the things in my drawers are located. My silverware is closest to where my plates and bowls are. My cooking utensils are beside my stove, next to the drawer that holds my pot holders. Place things where they make the most sense.

Take out everything that you can. Wipe down all the shelves, walls, and inside of your bins. If your bins hold produce, make sure your cleaner is safe to use and non-toxic. Toss any old leftovers and condiments that are out of date.

Other Appliancesappliances and an open fridge showing the inside
Stove & Oven: clean the stovetop and burners. I have a glass-top electric stove, and this cleaner is AH-mazing. It gives it a brand new shine. Clean your oven and grates. For me this is my most neglected thing. I have a double oven and to me that means double the work.
Microwave: I have this steaming microwave cleaner that makes the job 1000 times easier. A microwave safe container with a water/vinegar mixture works about the same, but I feel like this little angry lady steams better.
Dishwasher: These Lemi-Shine cleaners have been my saving grace. I have such hard water and it seems like my dishwasher collects all the sediment. I use to spray CLR inside and scrub everything. Then I found these. You just sprinkle the packet inside and run a normal cycle with it empty.

Home Inspection? 5 Reasons for YES!

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The home buying process can be long, exciting, and expensive. You don’t want to be faced with one more expense, however, skipping the Home Inspection could end up costing you far more than the $300-$500 it typically costs.

Here are 5 reasons a Home Inspection should be on your home buying list.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

So your offer’s been accepted and you’re ready to skip ahead to the closing table. Take a breath and understand there may be issues you can’t see. For example, if the crawl space has mold you won’t see that from the walkthrough and you may not recognize it even if you do look down there. I can assure you, paying for the home inspection is far less expensive than putting you or your family’s health and safety at risk.

Structural Problems.

A home inspection is going to give you insight on the structural integrity of the home. The inspection can help you avoid purchasing a home with major red flags that would end up costing you much more than your initial investment.


Negotiating Power.

If a home inspection reveals issues you’ll have the chance to end the deal if the red flags are overwhelming. If not, you can negotiate repairs and/or price. For example, roof issues. Replacing the roof could end up costing a significant amount of money.  With the information you’ve obtained, you can work with your agent to submit a repair request. One important thing to keep in mind here are “Sold As Is” homes, where the owner is making it clear they are not willing to do any repairs in order for the sale to go through. Even in these scenarios a home inspection is valuable, so you know what you’re walking into if you do buy it.

Maintenance Costs.

Part of budgeting home ownership is taking into account the cost to maintain the home throughout the years. A home inspection can sometimes offer explanations of potential issues and the costs of deferred maintenance.

Peace of mind.

Even if you have a home inspection that doesn’t reveal any major red flags, you can rest assured knowing you did your due diligence. Obviously, we can’t control everything and there are no guarantees, but you can have a better understanding of your new home.



Overall, home inspections are highly recommended even with newer construction. Don’t make the mistake of putting the cost over knowledge, safety and security.

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Spring Cleaning – Part 1

*This post contains links to Amazon for certain products. Impact Realty is not affiliated with nor do we earn money for items bought from these links. They are simply for suggestions, and at the opinion of the post author*

For some people, spring means warm weather, Easter, and the tease of knowing summer is right around the corner. For homeowners however, spring means SPRING CLEANING!! No matter how clean your house stays, you will always have those few things that will always be on the “When I can get to it” list. Spring time also brings certain seasonal checks, fixes, and updates to your house. Over the next few weeks we will cover certain areas of your house, and break them down into ways you can clean, declutter, and update!

Part 1 – The Exterior of your House

Garage:Garage Storage on the top and gutters being cleaned
Spray for Bugs – Spring time equals warm weather, which equals bugs
Toss or Donate old toys – If your kids have out grown them, or didn’t play with them last year, its time for them to go
Do you have an extra fridge/freezer in the garage? Clean it out and toss any old or freezer-burnt food.
Buy storage totes to store decorations, camping gear, sports equipment, etc in. They look nicer than carboard boxes and last longer! Check out these on Amazon HERE.

Clear out leaves and other debris before those spring showers come along
Tighten any loose downspouts and make sure they are pointing away from the house

Wash them with a water/bleach solution inside and out
Make sure the screens are not torn or bent

Sidewalks & Driveway:Rake against a bush and a paintbrush on a stained deck
Pressure wash your steps, sidewalk, and driveway. Get a brush attachment to make it easier and faster. I personally have this one and it is GREAT. We’ve used it on our driveway and back deck.
Look for any major cracking and call a professional if needed

Patio Furniture:
Give them a facelift with a good scrubbing, or if possible, a fresh coat of paint
Place bright pillows and fresh cushions to make them feel new again
Also take a look at the patio itself; pressure wash it if its concrete or stone, or give it a fresh coat of paint if its a wood deck


Check all your outdoor light bulbs; porch light, landscaping spotlights, decking lights, etc.

Remove any dead bushes, flowers, or trees
Add fresh mulch to flowerbeds
If you have flower pots, fill them with fresh, bright flowers